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Reach Our Customers

Boost your business by tapping our business channels, know the customers and fill in OnDeGo customers tummy.

Hassle Free Delivery

Use our multi operator fleet of delivery partners and deliver hassle free.

Reward You Customers Directly

Know your delivery customers, reward and retain them with personalized loyalty using OnDeGo program.

Direct Customer Access

OnDeGo is the only platform which lets you know who you are delivering to, know them, serve them, give your best to them and retain them.

Drive Customers To You

Create your own offers, discounts, packages and pamper your customers

Track & Pull Customers

OnDeGo lets you know the customers in your vicinity to instantly invite and offer.

Business Tools

Track, analyse and grow your business.


OnDeGo is our food service that provides direct delivery to customers and restaurants offers direct benefits to their customers.
Restaurants owners pay a heavy price and margin to acquire their customers, OnDeGo comes as a boon to boost and grow their business! Partnering with us allows you to tap into our customer database, giving you an opportunity to grow your business online.
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Our business team will approach you to register your business with us and provide all the necessary support and assistance you need to get started.
You will need to provide the following documents to become a Merchant-partner:
  1. Business Documents – Form 9,13,49
  2. Merchant authorized signatory (director/officer) signing the agreement will need to submit Identification card/passport
  3. Current Business license (not expired) of the Restaurant
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Current restaurant Insurance policy (not expired)
  6. Halal certificate (if applicable)
Yes you can, All you will need is business license to operate and documents as per above